Frequently Asked Questions

Our Reservoir Cleaning Kit comes with two brushes: one long, thin brush and one shorter, wider brush. These are used to scrub different parts of your hydration reservoir.

The long, skinny brush is made to clean your drink tube. Keeping a finger in the hoop at the end of the brush, you can use the brush on the opposite end to scrub the inside of your drink tube. Note: When detaching your drink tube to clean, it's easiest to access the interior of your drink tube through the end with the bite valve.

The shorter, wider brush is used for scrubbing the interior of your reservoir. Simply hold on to the obvious handle, and use the bristled end to scrub at any visible dirt or residue inside your reservoir.

You can read our blog post on how to give your reservoir a deeper cleaning here.

First, remove your HyFLO™ Bite Valve from your shutoff valve.

Next, insert the base of the Bite Valve Cover over the tube, and push it all the way down.

Open the top of the Bite Valve Cover, and re-insert your HyFLO Bite Valve onto the shutoff valve with the base of the Bite Valve Cover between the bite valve and the shutoff valve.

Last, close the top of the Bite Valve Cover. Voila!