Gourde Meta + Microfiltre | 1,0 L

Nouvelle gourde souple et microfiltre pour filtrer de l'eau lors de toutes vos aventures.

Simple et facile d'utilisation, le systéme Gourde Meta + microfiltre* associe une gourde et un filtre prêt à une utilisation dans la nature pour boire sans soucis. Le filtrage de l'eau est simple : écopez, fermez et buvez, pour une hydratation fiable dans les bois près de chez vous ou quand vous partez à l'aventure au bout du monde.

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Platypus® Meta™ Bottle + Microfilter — Personal water filter bottle for flexible hydration

Simple et facile d'utilisation, le systéme Gourde Meta + microfiltre* associe une gourde et un filtre prêt à une utilisation dans la nature pour boire sans soucis. Le filtrage de l'eau est simple : écopez, fermez et buvez, pour une hydratation fiable dans les bois près de chez vous ou quand vous partez à l'aventure au bout du monde.
  • Filtrage facile : séparez simplement la gourde, écopez de l'eau avec la moitié inférieure, refermez la gourde et buvez. C'est aussi simple que ça !
  • Filtrage rapide : filtrez jusqu'à 2 litres à la minute. Le filtre peut traiter jusqu'à 1 000 litres d'eau.
  • Fiable sur le terrain : le microfiltre est facile à nettoyer sans outil, simplement en agitant le filtre pour le rincer. La vérification de l'intégrité des filtres est rapide et permet de confirmer le bon fonctionnement du filtre.
  • Le plaisir de boire de l’eau pure : Les matériaux sans arrière-goût désagréable assurent la fraîcheur de l'eau. Le bouchon étanche s'ouvre facilement sur un demi-tour, et le goulot est compatible avec la plupart des tailles de glaçons.
  • Simple à nettoyer : dévissez les deux moitiés de la gourde pour un nettoyage facile ; elles sont lavables au lave-vaisselle (panier supérieur uniquement) ; attention, le microfiltre N'est PAS lavable au lave-vaisselle.
  • Compressible et robuste : la gourde peut être réduite à la moitié de sa taille (sans le filtre), pour pouvoir facilement lui trouver une place dans le sac. La moitié supérieure de la gourde est résistante aux chocs ; la partie inférieure souple est incassable.
  • Sans BPA, BPS ni phtalates.
  • La dragonne souple attachée au bouchon facilite le transport et permet d’accrocher la gourde.

*Conforme à toutes les directives EPA et NSF pour l’élimination de 99,9999% des bactéries et de 99,9% des protozoaires, y compris le giardia, le cryptosporidium, l’E.coli, la salmonelle et le choléra.

Assembled in U.S.A. of U.S. and Imported Materials
1.0 LTR
Couleur Slate Gray, Bluebird Day
Weight (Standard) 8.5oz
Weight (Metric) 0.24 kg
Width (Standard) 3.7 in
Width (Metric) 9.5 cm
Length (Standard) 9.4 in
Length (Metric) 24 cm
Country of Origin Assembled in U.S.A. of U.S. and Imported Materials

Documents and Instructions

You must backflush regularly to maintain optimal performance of the filter cartridge. This is especially true in murky or very silty water. Since Hollow Fiber is not a depth-based media like ceramics, you don't clean by removing clogged material from the exterior of the filter media. Instead, you must rinse the particulate that collects on the outside of the Hollow Fiber membranes. Infrequent backflushing makes the particulate harder to remove and more difficult to restore the media’s flow capacity. Based on results from our in-house bio lab, we recommend backflushing anywhere from every 8 liters to after each use, depending on water quality. Our lab has found that the more you backflush the better your flow performance, and the longer life you can expect from your filter cartridge.

The easiest way we have found is to do it every time you fill your Clean reservoir. Just disconnect the hose from the Dirty reservoir and hold the Clean bag high for about 4 seconds. That’s all there is to it.

This color of water typically comes from a high concentration of decaying vegetation adjacent to, or in, streams and lakes, resulting in a variety of organic acids. These include, but are not limited to, tannic, fulvic, and humic acids. These acids and the accompanying water conditions are very hard on ALL types of water filters.

Get your water elsewhere if you can. However, if no alternative exists and you are predominantly filtering these waters, we recommend using an MSR® MiniWorks® EX filter. Its ceramic element will collect all these impurities in its outer-most layer, allowing you to scrub away the clogged portion to restore normal flow rates. If you must use a GravityWorks™ filter, backflushing religiously and often will help to minimize the effect of these impurities. When you return home, add 2 drops of unscented household bleach to one liter of water and backflush this solution through the filter. This will help to break up organics that might be clogging the filter while also providing the recommended treatment of your system for long-term storage.

Limited use in these conditions will not have a dramatic effect, but extended use can permanently impair hollow fiber media.

Once you have used your GravityWorks™ filter and wet the Hollow Fiber filter media, the fibers will still be wet. Therefore, it is important to prevent it from freezing, which can permanently damage the filter media. If you are traveling in areas where you are expecting freezing or near freezing temperatures, bring the filter into your tent, or even your sleeping bag. (Be sure to put the filter in a water tight bag to prevent leaks in your sleeping bag.) If you think your filter may have been damaged by freezing, perform a Filter Test before the next use.

For expedition-style travel where freezing temperatures are the norm, we recommend using the MSR® MiniWorks® filter. Its ceramic/carbon filtration media is better suited to such conditions.

We don’t recommend removing the protective bumpers (GravityWorks) or removing the Filter Cartridge from the protective housing (CleanStream). The bumpers on the GravityWorks™ filter are designed to protect the Filter Cartridge from most drops, but direct drops onto cement and any drops above 5 feet (1.5m) should be avoided. If the Filter Cartridge itself is ever dropped after being wetted and outside the protective housing, you should replace it. If you think your filter may have been damaged from a drop, perform a Filter Test before the next use.

Yes. Simply remove the bite valve on your hydration system and connect the end of the hose directly to your filtration system’s outflow port. Using a GravityWorks™ filter system, your reservoir can take the place of the supplied Clean reservoir, creating what is arguably the lightest, most compact and efficient way possible to get water. GravityWorks™ filters are available with direct-to-reservoir and direct-to-bottle adapters for optimum versatility.

E-mail: Cascade Designs Service Center
Tel: 1-800-531-9531

For customers outside North America, please consult our International Distributor listings.

Scott B.
February 18, 2017
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
So Close to perfect!!
The bottle is 99% perfect. No leaks anywhere on the bottle, even when I keep the bottle in the bottle carrier pocket of my pack. Unless I am drinking from it, the bottle is in that pocket and zero leaks. The soft bottom portion makes it less likely to cause damage to my pack when I brush up against a hard object like a tree or a wall. Top opening is large enough to drink from at a gulping pace but not so large that I lose every drop if I drop the bottle. The filter is easy to use and works great. Lots of "wild" water has gone through it with zero issues. The ONLY issue I have is with opening the lower portion of the bottle to refill while using the filter. Not easy to grip, especially with wet hands. Maybe a texture to the exterior of the upper portion of the bottle will fix that. I used some super abrasive sandpaper to create my own texture and it solved the problem. Overall, I really like the bottle and plan to grab several more.
February 2, 2017
No, I would not recommend this to a friend
Great idea but leaky
I've been using this bottle for a couple of months now. I love the idea of having an all in one bottle and it's much more convenient than carrying a gravity filter. Only issue I've encountered is that the bottle leaks all the time from the screw top. I've had other people tighten the top as well as myself and when squeezing to get last 1/4 of water out it always leaks all over me. Very annoying. A rubber seal might help with the design.

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