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QuickDraw™ 1L Filter System

QuickDraw™ 1L Filter System

Fast and easy ultralight squeeze filter with multi-vessel compatibility.
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The ultralight QuickDraw 1L Filter System delivers fast and easy filtration, and allows users to customize their systems with multi-vessel compatibility, to give adventurers the best user experience of any squeeze filter on the market. The 1L dirty reservoir is light and compact and built to withstand the rugged demands of a months-long thru-hike. Its wide-mouth opening and fill-handle keep your hands dry while you quickly and easily fill up so you can keep moving. On the filter, the dirty-side I/O (inner/outer) threads attach to the QuickDraw reservoir as well as common narrow-mouth bottles like smartwater® and other Platy bottles. On the clean side, select between the DrinkCap for drinking and pouring and the ConnectCap™ that attaches to narrow-mouth bottles. The system is built to be safe, effortless and long-lasting. Two cleaning methods—shake-to-clean and backflushing—keep the filter flowing fast throughout your trip, while the Integrity Check process allows you to ensure it’s still safely filtering water. With its incredible ease-of-use, packability, and fast-flowing performance, the QuickDraw 1L Filter System is the best squeeze filter for your backpacking trips.
WARNING: WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm

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  • Premium 1L Reservoir: Proprietary tri-layer film dirty reservoir has an easy-fill easy wide mouth opening, a fill handle, and is super durable and packable—plus it’s guaranteed plastic-taste-free.
  • Combine & Customize: I/O dual threads and the ConnectCap let you dial in your custom leak-free system using the clean and dirty vessels you prefer, like smartwater® bottles and Platy bottles.
  • Ultralight & Compact: The entire system (filter + reservoir) weighs just 3.3 oz (95 g) and packs smaller than a rolled-up t-shirt.
  • Fast Flowing: Hollow fibers filter up to 3 liters per minute with normal squeeze pressure.
  • Easy Cleaning: Easily shake-to-clean the system or backflush it to keep the water flowing fast throughout your trip.
  • Safe & Effective: Each microfilter is individually tested to ensure it meets all EPA & NSF guidelines for the removal of 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.9% of protozoa*.
  • Comes with QuickDraw Filter, 1L QuickDraw dirty reservoir with cap, dirty-side cap, ConnectCap™ with cover, DrinkCap, backflush washer.
3.3 oz
0.10 kg
3.3 oz
0.10 kg
5 in
13 cm
3 in
7.6 cm
3 in
7.6 cm
Hollow Fiber
3 liters per min
1000 liters
Polyethylene, Polyurethane, Plastic, Hollow Fiber
Made in U.S.A. of U.S. and Imported Materials
8 x 13 in
3 x 5 in
With which bottles and reservoirs is my QuickDraw compatible?

Dirty Side: The dirty side of the QuickDraw features inside/outside (I/O) threads. The outside set of threads is only compatible with QuickDraw reservoirs.™ The inside set of threads is compatible with all common 28mm-thread plastic water bottles (like smartwater®), and narrow-mouth Platy bottles including the SoftBottle™, the Platy® 2L, PlatyPreserve™ and the Platy® Water Tank.

Clean Side: The QuickDraw’s ConnectCap threads directly to all common 28mm-thread plastic water bottles (like smartwater®), and narrow-mouth Platy bottles including the SoftBottle™, the Platy® 2L, PlatyPreserve™, the Platy® Water Tank, and the Hoser™ Reservoir.

The QuickDraw 2L and 3L Gravity models have a hose with a quick connector fitted on the end that clicks into any hydration reservoir with a quick disconnect, like the Big Zip™ Evo. Hydration reservoirs without a quick disconnect pair with the ConnectCap by removing the reservoir’s bite valve and pushing its hose onto the ConnectCap’s hose attachment point.

The QuickDraw 3L Gravity’s Bottle Adapter threads directly to common wide-mouth bottles like Nalgene®, Hydro Flask® and Yeti®. It also press-fits to narrow-mouth bottles like all common 28mm-thread plastic water bottles (such as smartwater®), and narrow-mouth Platy bottles including the SoftBottle™, the Platy® 2L, PlatyPreserve™, the Platy® Water Tank, and the Hoser™ Reservoir.

What is the difference between the shake-to-clean and backflush cleaning methods?

While both cleaning methods clean your filter and can easily be performed in the field or at home, they are intended to complement each other and allow you to keep your QuickDraw free of debris and flowing fast.

Shake-to-Clean: Is the quicker cleaning method and can be easily done every time you filter. It works by agitating and dislodging particulates attached to the hollow fibers, particularly at the opening on the dirty side of the filter.

Backflush: Backflushing is more time consuming and the more thorough way to clean your QuickDraw. It works by passing clean water through the length of your QuickDraw—in the clean side and out the dirty side—thereby rinsing and removing particulates stuck to the hollow fibers along the length of the bundle.

How often should I shake-to-clean or backflush my QuickDraw?

That often depends on the clarity/quality of water being filtered. However proactive cleaning will keep your filter flowing faster for longer. Consider the following proactive cleaning routine:

  • Quickly perform a shake-to-clean before you filter each time you fill up.
  • Backflush the filter after every 10L of water you filter through it.

Use your best judgement and adjust the routine as needed depending on frequency of use and quality of water.

Do any of your products contain BPA, BPS, phthalates, or use polycarbonate?
No. All Platypus hydration products are 100% BPA-, BPS- and phthalate-free, and do not use polycarbonate.
Will the QuickDraw filter remove unpleasant tastes?
No. Hollow fiber filter media does not remove tastes from water.
How do I disinfect my QuickDraw filter system?

In the dirty your reservoir or bottle, mix 3mL (1/4 tsp) of bleach with 1L of tap water. Filter the solution through the filter (and hose if one was used). When the reservoir is empty, leave the closure cap off and allow it to dry. You can leave the clean and dirty side closures of the filter off and allow it to dry, but it is not necessary. When the reservoir is dry, store your entire QuickDraw system away from direct sunlight.

(Important: If you do store your QuickDraw wet, do not allow it to freeze.)

Is it okay to filter tea-colored water?

Tea-colored water typically has a high concentration of decaying vegetation adjacent to, or in, a water source, resulting in a variety of organic acids. These acids, and the accompanying water conditions, are very hard on ALL types of water filters. Get your water elsewhere if you can.

However, if no alternatives exist, we recommend backflushing/cleaning your filter more frequently, even after each use. This will help minimize the clogging of the filter.

Are there any issues with using a QuickDraw filter in freezing conditions?

A QuickDraw that has been recently used to filter water will have wet hollow fibers, which can freeze and break the fibers. Broken fibers no longer filter water. It is important to prevent hollow fiber filters from freezing.

If you are expecting freezing or near-freezing temperatures, we recommend carrying or stowing the filter cartridge near your body (e.g., in a chest pocket) and bringing the filter into your sleeping bag overnight.

If you think your filter may have been damaged by freezing, perform a filter integrity check before the next use to determine if it is still safely filtering water (see instructions for your filter product). Consider carrying a replacement filter as a backup in case of a failed integrity test.

What if my QuickDraw takes a hard drop?

Hollow fibers can break due to impact. Once broken, they will no longer safely filter water. Do your best avoid dropping or impacting your QuickDraw, particularly from heights over 5 feet (1.5 m).

If you think your filter may have been damaged from a drop, perform an integrity check before the next use to determine if it is still safely filtering water (see instructions for your filter product). Consider carrying a replacement filter as a backup in case of a failed integrity test.

Can I get small replacement parts for my QuickDraw?

Many replacement parts can be purchased directly from us online on our Accessories page or from one our retailers. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, our friendly customer service team can assist you.

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