Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our A.M. packs all come equipped with a protective rain fly that is stowed away in the bottom of the pack.

The rain fly can be found in its own zippered pocket at the base of the A.M. packs. It can also be detached for easy post-ride cleaning and drying. We strongly suggest removing the rain fly and allowing it to dry separately when wet. To re-attach, simply clip the fly back in and zip the pocket up.

No. All Platypus hydration products are 100% BPA-, BPS- and phthalate-free, and do not use polycarbonate.

Good on you for having totally awesome times. To clean your pack, it’s best to hand wash it with mild soap. For simpler cleaning, you can just rinse off your pack with a hose.

For the best care you can use a technical garment soap. Hang or lay flat to dry, avoiding direct sunlight.

Also: for our hydration packs that have a rainfly, using the rainfly in muddy conditions can reduce the need for cleaning later on.

Yes, you can shorten the length of your drink tube. Using the end of the tube that mates with the quick-disconnect, simply trim the tube to the desired length.

Detailed instructions on how to do this are provided in your pack’s user manual (note: user manuals are also available online on your Platypus hydration pack’s product page).

No, the waist belts on our hydration packs are not removable. However, you can wrap the waist belt straps around the back of the pack, securing the straps through the light loop. This will keep the straps stowed when you don’t need them and accessible when you do.

To disinfect your Platypus hydration system, fill it with a solution of unscented household bleach and water, using a concentration of 2-5 drops per liter of water. Close and swirl for 10 seconds.

Squeeze the bite valve to flush the hose and valve, being careful to keep the valve opening over the sink. Leave filled overnight. Dump solution and rinse hydration system (including hose and bite valve) three times with hot water, then air dry.

Note: for an eco-friendlier option, use a chlorine-free, hydrogen peroxide-based bleach alternative.

Yes. Periodically adding a little Vaseline to the tracks will keep them supple and easy to close. Wipe away any excess Vaseline. In the field, a little lip balm or water can do the trick.

Many replacement parts can be purchased directly from us online on our Accessories page or from one our retailers. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, our friendly customer service team can assist you:

For customers outside North America, please consult our International Distributor listings.

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