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DuoLock™ SoftBottle™ .75L/1.0L/2.0L

DuoLock™ SoftBottle™ .75L/1.0L/2.0L

Compact, flexible water bottle with dual-locking cap.
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The DuoLock SoftBottle flexible water bottle takes our popular SoftBottle design and adds a dual-locking cap for double the leak protection, plus a convenient clip handle. This flexible bottle is easy to fill, carry, and stow, making it great for day hikes, backpacking trips, camping, or traveling.
  • Packable: Flattens and rolls up when empty, saving space.
  • Secure: DuoLock dual-locking cap won't accidentally flip or twist open, averting leaks.
  • Pure Platy experience: Materials are taste-free, BPA-free, BPS-free, and phthalate-free.
  • Easy to fill and clean: Wide mouth opening eases filling and cleaning; bottle is dishwasher safe.
  • Ready to go: Clip gate handle makes it easy to carry the bottle, or securely clip it to a strap or loop.
  • Ergonomic: Bottle is shaped to make it easy to grip, tip, and sip or pour.
  0.75 liter 1.0 liter 2.0 liter
SKU 09898, 09899, 11160, 11161 09902, 09903, 11162, 09900 09905, 09904
Bottle material Nylon / Polyethylene Nylon / Polyethylene Nylon / Polyethylene
Cap material Polypropylene / Thermoplastic Elastomer Polypropylene / Thermoplastic Elastomer Polypropylene / Thermoplastic Elastomer
Capacity (Metric) 0.75 liters 1.0 liters, 1 liters 2 liters
Capacity (Standard) 25 fl. oz 34 fl. oz 70 fl. oz
Color Blue Skyline, Orange Skyline, Blue Peaks, Red Peaks Blue Skyline, Orange Skyline, Bighorn Blue, Gray Prisms Trail Love, Platy Logo
Country of Origin Made in U.S.A. Made in U.S.A. Made in U.S.A.
Film Nylon / Polyethylene Nylon / Polyethylene Nylon / Polyethylene
Height (Standard) 0 in 0 in 0 in
Length (Metric) 24.7 cm 28 cm 34 cm
Length (Standard) 9.72 in 11.02 in 13.39 in
Weight (Metric) 0.04 kg 0.04 kg 0.05 kg
Weight (Standard) 1.5 oz 1.6 oz 1.8 oz
Width (Metric) 6.3 cm 6.42 cm 7.61 cm
Width (Standard) 16 in 16.3 in 19.3 in
Height (Metric) 0 cm 0 cm
Material(s) Polyethylene Polyethylene
Do any of your products contain BPA, BPS, phthalates, or use polycarbonate?
No. All Platypus hydration products are 100% BPA-, BPS- and phthalate-free, and do not use polycarbonate.
How do I clean my Platypus bottle?

Platypus bottles are dishwasher safe. When placing Platypus bottles in a dishwasher, make sure they are fully expanded for optimal cleaning. Note: not all bottles may fit in a dishwasher, especially sizes 2L and greater.

You can also hand wash our bottles using warm or hot soapy water. Using our Reservoir Cleaning Kit helps access tough to reach places.

For deeper cleaning:

  • a. Per liter volume of your bottle, add ¼ Cup of baking soda to ¾ Cup of water and shake for 30 seconds (e.g., for a 2L bottle use ½ Cup of baking soda with 1 ½ Cup water).
  • b. Add ¼ Cup lemon juice per liter, close and shake 10 seconds, and vent by loosening cap away from face.
  • c. Re-seal bottle and repeat shaking and venting three times. Expel as much air as possible, cap bottle, and soak for 20 minutes.
  • d. Dump solution and rinse bottle three times with hot water.

Caution: When adding lemon juice to baking soda, effervescence occurs and will cause pressure to build in a capped Platypus product.

How do I dry my Platypus bottle?
Platypus bottles can be dried by blowing a little air into them to inflate, then letting them stand upright and uncapped until the water evaporates.
Can I put beverages other than water in my Platypus bottle, reservoir, or storage product?
You can put a variety of beverages in your Platypus bottle, reservoir, or storage product. Just make sure you clean it thoroughly after each use to prevent bacteria from growing in it (including any hydration tubes or bite valves). Carbonated beverages are not recommended.
How do I disinfect my Platypus bottle?
To disinfect your Platypus bottle, fill it with a solution of unscented household bleach and water, using a concentration of 2-5 drops per liter of water. Close and swirl for 10 seconds. Leave filled overnight. Dump solution and rinse bottle three times with hot water, then air dry. For a more planet-friendly alternative, use a chlorine-free, hydrogen peroxide-based bleach alternative like Free and Clear™ available from Seventh Generation®.
Can I freeze my Platypus bottle?
Yes. Lay it half-full on its side in freezer with all air purged. Do not over-fill. Water expands as it freezes and this can burst your bottle
The zipper tracks on my water tank are hard to close. Can I make it easier?
Yes. Periodically adding a little Vaseline to the tracks will keep them supple and easy to close. Wipe away any excess Vaseline. In the field, a little lip balm or water can do the trick. When closing the zipper, make sure to firmly pinch along its full length to properly seal it.
How do I ensure my Water Tank’s Big Zip™ closure is properly sealed?
From one end of the Big Zip™ zippered closure to the other, firmly pinch together both sides of the zipper along its full length. You should feel positive tactile feedback as the zipper connects and seals. Once sealed, invert the Water Tank to test the seal—a properly sealed Water Tank will not open in this test.

We Believe in What We Build

At Platypus, we take pride in engineering the highest-quality outdoor gear available, and we stand behind everything we make. Platypus gear is built to be exceptionally durable and easily repaired. And we back it up with the best service in the industry, all to keep your gear performing for you—and out of landfills. Visit our Platypus Warranty page for more info.

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