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GravityWorks Replacement Reservoirs

GravityWorks™ Ersatzbehälter

Ersetzt abgenutzte Wasserbehälter oder erweitert die Kapazität bestehender Systeme.
4.0L Kit
2.0L Kit (Dirty Reservoir Only)
6.0L Kit
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Mit diesen Ersatzbehältern ist es einfach, verschlissene oder beschädigte Behälter auszutauschen oder die Kapazität eines bestehenden GravityWorks-Systems an die Bedürfnisse jeder Reise anzupassen.
  • Ein einzigartiges, zweilagiges Laminat ermöglicht ein robustes Außenmaterial und ein lebensmittelechtes, geschmacksneutrales Interieur.
  • Die Wasserbehälter sind mit jedem GravityWorks-System kompatibel, so dass die Kapazität individuell an die Bedürfnisse angepasst werden kann.
    • Das 4 L Set beinhaltet: 4 L Schmutzwasserbehälter mit Schnellkupplung und 4 L Trinkwasserbehälter.

      Das 2 L Set beinhaltet: 2 L Schmutzwasserbehälter mit Schnellkupplung.

      4.0L Kit 2.0L Kit 6.0L Kit
    SKU 03136 06953 11170
    Weight (Standard) 6 oz 2.2 oz 6.5 oz
    Weight (Metric) 0.17 kg 0.06 kg 0.18 kg
    Width (Standard) 8 in 7 in 10 in
    Length (Standard) 15 in 13 in 19.5 in
    Material(s) Polyethylene Polyethylene
    Country of Origin Made in U.S.A. of U.S. and Imported Materials Made in U.S.A. of U.S. and Imported Materials Assembled in U.S.A. of U.S. and Imported Materials
    How do I use my Reservoir Cleaning Kit to clean my reservoir?

    Our Reservoir Cleaning Kit comes with two brushes: one long, thin brush and one shorter, wider brush. These are used to scrub different parts of your hydration reservoir.

    The long, skinny brush is made to clean your drink tube. Keeping a finger in the hoop at the end of the brush, you can use the brush on the opposite end to scrub the inside of your drink tube. Note: When detaching your drink tube to clean, it's easiest to access the interior of your drink tube through the end with the bite valve.

    The shorter, wider brush is used for scrubbing the interior of your reservoir. Simply hold on to the obvious handle, and use the bristled end to scrub at any visible dirt or residue inside your reservoir.

    Wie befestige ich eine Beißventilabdeckung?
    Nehmen Sie zunächst das HyperFlow Beißventil ab, indem Sie es gerade nach außen vom Schlauch abziehen. Schieben Sie die Abdeckung dann einfach auf den Schlauch und befestigen Sie das Beißventil erneut.
    How do I use my Big Zip™ EVO Filter Connector Kit?

    The Big Zip™ EVO Connector Kit is a nifty accessory that allows you to filter directly from your GravityWorks™ into your Big Zip EVO without ever having to remove your reservoir from your pack.

    To do so, you first need to remove your drink tube from your reservoir via the quick-disconnect. Then, plug the connection point on the connector kit's hose directly into the quick-disconnect point (you will hear a click). Next, attach the connector kit's hose to the base of your GravityWorks filter cartridge. Let gravity do the rest, as you're now on your way to clean, taste-free hydration.

    Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to use this product, CLICK HERE

    How do I install my Drink Tube Insulator with my Platypus pack?

    To install your Drink Tube Insulator with the Big Zip™ EVO in your pack, follow these steps:

    1. Unzip and open the zippered portion of the Drink Tube Insulator.
    2. Inside your pack, disconnect the drink tube from the reservoir via the quick-disconnect attachment. Remove the disconnected drink tube from the pack.
    3. Feed the quick-disconnect end of the drink tube through the zippered portion of the insulator sleeve until the bite valve is centered in the covered, zippered area.
    4. Thread the quick-disconnect end of the drink tube and the non-zippered end of the insulator sleeve through the hydration access point at the top of the pack, positioning the bite valve within the zippered end in the desired location along pack shoulder strap.
    5. Reconnect the drink tube to the reservoir via the quick-disconnect attachment point.
    6. Secure the Drink Tube Insulator to the pack shoulder strap using the hook and loop fastener.

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