• SoftBottle™ .5L | 1.0L

    Platy's most flexible water bottle.

    $8.95 Shop Now
  • Drink Tube Kit

    Replaces an old tube or converts a compatible bottle to a reservoir.

    $12.95 Shop Now
  • Bite Valve & Drink Tube Insulator

    Insulates against icing-up or warming of water.

    $19.95 Shop Now
  • PlatyPreserve™ Portable Wine Storage Bottle 800ml

    Portable, flexible wine bottle that preserves the flavor of your wine.

    $9.95 Shop Now
  • Cleaning Kit

    Renews hydration reservoirs and tubes.

    $12.95 Shop Now
  • In-Line Shutoff Valve

    Sleek shutoff valve works with a variety of hoses and bite valves.

    $5.95 Shop Now
  • Lapel Clip

    Lightweight clip helps keep a drink tube secure and ready.

    $4.95 Shop Now
  • Shutoff Valve

    Deters leaks and offers easy bite valve use.

    $5.95 Shop Now

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